Tingling.burning,pain in my arms and shoulders,under arms,

by Tommy
(new albany ms)

i have tingling ,burning pain in top of my shoulder right below my neck,the front of my shoulder,shoulder blade ,underarm and travels down my elbow into the ring finger and the little finger,

i feel some in my outside two toes as well,it does ache along with the burning tingling.
sometimes its the left side sometimes the right,rarely both at the same time,but symptoms are exact for either side,and just posting this tires the offending side,wich right now is my right,also increases pain some,

I take nsaids like tylonol and asprin ibuprophen first,usually has no effect on the pain,the only thing that breaks the pain for any length of time is hydrocodone or oxycodone,

this pain has progressed over a period of many years to its worst now adays ,it started out offending me almost always at night usually on wich ever side I slept on,now it starts hurting anytime,

the only other thing I experienced pain relief as a side effect of decodron ,wich was given for throat pain and upper respiratory problems followed by predisone dose pack,releif would last 4 to six weeks,then return.

I am on disability now,but up till 2007 I was a truckdriver or a dock worker for about 30 years,
well good luck in telling me what the problem is,
the two fingers seems to be inconsistent with anything I can find,also both sides offending

Hello Tommy,
It's time to stop treating your symptoms with medication and time to start looking for the cause. Actually, I suspect you've already reached that realisation, hence this letter.

That tingling in the ring finger and pinkie is very definitive. It points to exactly where the problem lies.

Time to start looking for a thorough chiropractor. Talk to your friends and family, perhaps your doctor, tho he seems to believe more in cortisone and nsaids. If you have xrays of your neck take them with you.

I hope this contributes.

Dr b

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