tingling/aching in hand and arm and chest ache: Reply to doctor b.

by shane

Hi doctor B

Thank you. It is a real relief to finally know what condition i am likely to have after all these years of not knowing!
I have examined the area where the collarbone joins the sternum doctor and there is no tenderness or pain there. The tenderness/chest ache comes only from the spot described, which is a little further down the chest. Also raising my arm above my head does not seem to make any difference to symptoms so far. Although putting consistent weight on the arm (such as using my hand to lean against a wall or against my desk), does tend to increase the symptoms.
I also have now done the upper limb tension test, and there was no real difference between right and left arm. No onset of tingling or pain in arm or neck. No difference while turning head to left and looking up either.
To summarize, my symptoms are: left sided chest ache in a fairly specific spot, mild ache in upper left arm, and tingling/numbness on left side of hand (pinkie and ring finger). Any final thoughts on what could be causing such symptoms in addition to the costochondritis are most welcome. All the best doctor b. shane, London, U.K.

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