by Clayton
(Marion N.C.)

I had a tree fall on my upper right shoulder blade; since then I've had tingling in my right arm and hand. Doctor has already give me steroids twice; the first time they said it was pinched nerve and the second time they said herniated disc which was causing pinched nerve so what do I do now? I have had this tingling for over 3 months now.

If it helps the tingling feels like pins and needles.

Hello Clayton,
That was a close escape; it's often fatal.

A few questions:
1. Have you had x-rays or a scan? Could you either load them here, or at contact, or send the report please.

2. If you turn your head to the right, and then look up, what happens?

3. Use the site search function at chiropractic help to find the Upper Limb Tension Test. What happens?

4. Which fingers tingle?

5. Does placing your hand above your head increase or decrease the tingling.

Let me know, and we'll take this further.

Dr B

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