Tingling the whole length of arm

Tingling the whole length of arm

I have been Type one diabetic for 36 years. The tingling has only started recently and is a little disconcerting. I play a lot of golf and tennis once a week. I am 65 yeas of age.

For several years when I turn my neck to the right or left I can feel a grating so that might be it. Never have any tingling in the left arm. I am generally fit. Not overweight but have foot neuropathy.

I regularly attend the diabetic clinic but have not mentioned this little problem as yet.
I had an ECG recently and some concern initially about heart irregularity. That was after a fairly severe hypo. Six hours later a second ECG showed normality. I am having a 24 hour heart recording done in a couple of weeks time.

Does that help or have I raised so many issues that a team of specialists need to be bussed in to my home?

Hello Degs,
Mmm, doctors more usually arrive in Mercedes Benzs and cadillacs! But it sounds like they could make a meal of you, yes!

Seriously, I doubt this is diabetes related, especially in light of the grating in your neck.

Wonderful you play so much sport, the best way to keep your blood sugar down.

Try and determine from the enclosed pics which pattern most clearly fills your tingling. It will probably be C6 or C8. Inside of arm and thumb, or outside of arm and pinkie?

Do movements of your neck affect the tingling in your arm, and does placing your hand on your head increase or decrease the tingling?

Take the Upper Limb Tension Test and let me know the effect in your arm please. Keep to the thread of this discussion.

There are a number of possible causes, but the most likely is degenerative change in the Uncovertebral joint Luschka from an old injury. Had any car accidents? Fallen off horses?

These are the kinds of symptoms that chiropractors treat on a daily basis. No one is cured, but most are helped.

Surgical treatment is risky but sometimes necessary, always a last resort obviously.

I would start with some X-rays, better still an MRI scan, and see a chiropractor for a course of treatment before someone tries to convince you that going under the knife is your only option.

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Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

I hope this has contributed. If so, this is my latest book of chiropractic anecdotes, available on Amazon for $2.99! Shameless, self promotion! Stones in my Clog … Chiropractic anecdotes from the polders of Holland.

Dr B

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