Tingling started in left arm 2mths ago but now starting in right arm

by john della

I have had an MRI and this reveals a spur between C6-C7. Nerve conduction studies reveal left triceps muscle has shrunken - will repeat nerve conduction studies to see whether any natural improvement, I am now worried as similar symptoms starting with pain & tingling to right arm - any suggestions are welcome.


Hello John,
You don't mention your age, nor how severe the degenerative changes are at C6-C7. That would normally produce symptoms in the middle finger. Which is consistent with a weak triceps, the mostly commonly affected muscle from neck problems.
Do movements of your head, particularly turning to the side of pain, simultaneously looking up, produce pain in the lower neck and in your arm?

Does raising your arm increase or decrease the pain? Do you get relief by placing your hand on your head? Or does it increase the pain?

I ask these questions as, sometimes those changes on the MRI are "incidental findings". A first rib subluxation can cause a "thoracic outlet syndrome" for example. And shoulder conditions can also cause arm pain, apart from the spurs.

Only a careful, thorough examination can answer these questions. Ask your Chiropractor to do Adson's test. Does it affect the pulse in your arm?

If you have digital copies of the MRI, or can take a digi photo of them, you can post them onto this site. It would be useful for me to see them.

This is a condition seen on a daily basis by chiropractors, but each case needs to be carefully assessed and treated. That weakness is of course of concern.

Are you handy? At C-H you will find a page on making a home traction unit. You can also buy them. I believe in conjunction with manipulation that it helps, but the research is equivocal.

I hope this has contributed.


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