Tingling shocking in my ring and pinky fingers

by Tino
(United States of America)

Most pain in my elbow pain has spread to my forearm, bicep and triceps areas i have weakness in my arm i can not hold or pickup anything. i have a tingling or a shocking in my ring and pinky fingers

I started pitching sidearm in baseball due to a bad habit, i would get pain in my elbow and was forced to stop pitching,i was originally diagnosed with tendinitis, than i went to physical therapy and i was diagnosed with medial epicondileitis ,
since i started physical therapy the pain became regular instead of me only getting pain when i did something strenuous. Recently, i went to my orthopedic because i started getting tingling to my fingers i was ordered to stop physical therapy, and was prescribed to get an EMG which i have not yet received, i have pain on a daily basis i can not hold or carry anything, I find it hard to move my fingers occasionally.
i get shocks of pain and i can not put any weight on my arm without being in pain i constantly have to extend my arm and make it crack for the pain to go away I have no idea what this could be i hope it gets better before i ship out to basic training.Please reach me ASAP to help me.

Hello Tino,
Your orthopaedic surgeon no doubt thinks that the PT has aggravated your condition, and it's possible. What started as a tendonitis, and perhaps a condition in the elbow itself if cracking your elbow relieves the pain, now has all the sounds of a neuralgia.

It could be from your neck, or the ulnar groove, probably in the ulnar groove in the medial elbow.

I would recommend an thorough neurological and orthopaedic exam by a sports oriented chiropractor near you. Phone the state association and ask for the name of a chiro with a FICS qualification.

Meantime, Cold hot therapy might relieve your pain.

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I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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