Tingling sensation in my upper arms and fingers when I touch them,

by reel

I got drunk last night and started to feel tingling sensations in my arms. What do you think is the problem?

Is it a liver problem or something? I am kind of worried because I'm a binge drinker, and drink very often. Thanks for answering back, sir.

Hello Reel,

The big question to face, Reel, is why this need to drink so much? Is life so bad that you just need to blot things out? Or is it just a bad habit?

Either way, your body is starting to use alcohol for energy, instead of normal food. People who drink too much often start eating poorly at the same time, and that means alcohol toxicity PLUS malnutrition. An oft fatal combination, literally.

The probable cause of these symptoms is a B12 deficiency, common in those who drink too much. Ask you doctor for a blood test. It has very serious neurological complications. Like the tingling you are getting, but worse is to come. The solution is B12 shots.

It's time for a new hobby / activity, Reel. Take up fishing, cycling, hiking, snorkeling, or spending more time with your children / grandchildren.

You see, this heavy binge drinking, reseach shows, will set them on this same destructive path. That's not something you want to hand on to your children and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, is it? That's not what you want to be remmembered for.

You need help, Reel. Firstly, see if you can help yourself, and if you can't, see your doctor.

Rule number one: Never drink before sundown.

Number two: never drink on your own.

Number three: make sure you are eating properly, and yes brinjals are great food.

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