Tingling right hand surrounding thumb and forefinger after lung cancer

by Lisa
(Pittsfield, MA 01201)

The thumb and forefinger is very specific

The thumb and forefinger is very specific

» Tingling right hand surrounding thumb and forefinger after lung cancer

I am one of the very rare cases of Pancoast Tumor with a right upper lobectomy in June of 2008. The Pancoast Tumor originally presented with severe Pancoast Syndrome/Thoracic outlet syndrome...Most nagging symptoms were elevated with surgery and medication.

My problem this morning is I woke up from sleeping in my recliner with an ongoing nagging pain and pinching in the back side of my right sided neck running down the back of my right arm with nagging weakness of arm and pins and needles in my thumb and forefinger.

I do take 150 mg of Lyrica 2x a day for nerve pain associated with these syndromes, but this is the most intense breakthrough since my surgery. I had the lobectomy via Thoricotomy with hemi-clamshell incision. The first 3 posterior ribs were removed without reconstruction. Is this something I can have my chiropractor address and help me to resolve?

Hello Lisa,
You've had excellent medical care, and I'm sure you know you're very lucky to be alive.

The question is whether this is an aggravation of the Thoracic Outlet syndrome, with or without a resurgence of the lung cancer.

Or, is this a quite unrelated neck problem involving the C6 nerve root. This is very much more likely as the thumb and forefinger are very specific.

Nevertheless, I'd start with a chest xray and medical examination. Any exacerbation of coughing or breathlessness?

Then, unless you have fairly recent cervical spine xrays, that is essential. Perhaps even have them at the same time as the chest. Make sure they include oblique views for best view of the joints of Luschka, also known as the paravertebral joints.

Then it's time to see your chiropractor. This is a difficult and trying condition, so don't expect miracles.

If you have any xrays of the Pancoast tumour, I'd love to see them. Via contact. You can use your camera to photograph the radiographs if they are plain xray.

Please let us know how you get on, Lisa.

Dr B

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