tingling on the back of my left forearm.

by Sally Jo Aadams
(Jasper In.)

Should I be worry about the tingling on the back of my forearm? It feels like a bug crawling on my arm. The right side of my neck has been hurting a little bit. I thought it was from looking at my computer. My husband had a tingling in his arm when he had a blocked artery.

Hello Sally Jo,
Blocked arteries in the arm are not common, but if you have neck pain, then most likely this is coming from your neck; however, it is on the other side so there is no certainty of this; you need a good examination.

If your arm is also swollen, then I'd see your medical doctor; otherwise start talking to friends and family about a competent local chiropractor.

Dr B

» tingling on the back of my left forearm.

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