Tingling On Left Side Of Body

by Shawn
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Hello On Monday 06/06/2011 I was Driving and I Felt Immense Pressure on my head and all of a sudden my Left side went Numb also my speech started to Slur well I thought I was having a TIA. I had my wife drive me to the Hospital where they did a Catscan,MRI,EKG,Ultra Sound of my Heart and of my Neck, Blood work, everything has come out normal however while I was there I had similar symptoms also since monday 06/06/2011 My left side is weak. My Left arm has been tingling it feels like when you sleep on it wrong and sometimes it gets heavier. I am Overwieght My chloestral is 194. I have an appointment with a neuroligist I got out of the hospital on 06/07/2011 they put me on an aspirin a day and sent me home. I just wish I Knew what was causing the tingling in my left arm and my left side to be weak since this happened I feel that I have limited mobility on the left side and I also feel that I can't use the Left arm like I used too!

Hello Shawn,
Often disease is subclinical, you know something is wrong, but it's below the threshhold. Be pleased. The scans could have shown a massive stroke or TIA.

But take this as a warning. Get that weight off, and get on to a sensible diet, and more exercise, or after the next one the news won't be so pleasant.

That's the way your body works. Pain and tingling are your friends, it's warning that something is wrong, like a temperature gauge in the car. Ignore these symptoms at your peril.

Step I. Take a good long hard look at your diet. Perhaps get professional advice. Have you had your five colours today? I actually recommend ten. Getting enough fibre. Had an apple? Oats for your cholesterol and a big salad every day, with olive oil and lemon juice, not a bought dressing.

Step II. Start taking a walk every day. Every day. Use a stick without shame if you feel unsteady, you don't want a fall to add to your troubles.

Step III. Greatly reduce the carbs in your diet. Bread, potato, rice, pasta... cake, biscuits, sugar... it's by far the easiest, most effective and least unpleasant way to lose weight.

And keep your blood pressure strictly under control. The neurologist will advise you...

Good luck, and I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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