Tingling on left foot and numbness

by Pankaj
(Shimla, india)

Sir, I am having tingling in my left foot, and numbness, the lower part and at the ankle due to a L4 injury and the doctor advised me to take three Weeks complete rest.

I have completed 13 days rest but the tingling is still in my left foot. Please let me know how I should lie on the bed and what should I do.

Can I go to toilet once a day. Please give detailed information.

It's not for me to contradict your doctor, but the research reveals that complete bed rest is not the best solution for tingling and numbness.

At least I would get up every hour and take a short walk around the house being careful not to stumble because your great toe may be weak. By all means go to the toilet.

Then my recommendation would be to start our lower back exercises, done on your bed every hour; some supervision to help you choose the right ones would be advisable. You'll find them in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

I'm afraid there aren't many chiropractors in India.

Is the Slump test strongly positive and provoke the tingling on left foot and numbness?

Dr B

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