Tingling & numbness in my hand

(Woodstock, GA)

Carpal tunnel pain distribution

Carpal tunnel pain distribution

I have been seeing a chiropractor for several months due to a problem in my right shoulder. Originally I was told that the problem in my shoulder was due to using a mouse at the computer. The more treatments I received, the worse my arm and hand became. Now my right hand has constant tingling, numbness and pain and the chiropractor can't seem to relieve this. I still feel it stems from my shoulder as it gets tight there and pain shoots down my arm. Is this chiropractor doing incorrect treatments which is causing me more problems? What can I do?

Hello Woodstock

Um, I don't really have enough information to give you an absolute answer. But, yes, all does not seem well in the State of Denmark.

When you first consulted the chiro, did moving your arm, raising it for example to brush your hair, brush teeth, put on a T-shirt... did they hurt in the shoulder? Did you at that stage have no problems in the lower arm and hand?

In which fingers do you have the tingling and pain? If it's in the thumb to middle finger/ring finger go to the Carpal tunnel page at Chiropractic-Help, scroll down to the graphic on the pronator teres. Press hard in the forearm - is it far more sore than the left arm?

Raise your left arm to the side (90*), palm forewards. Stretch your arm backwards, extend your hand backwards, and tilt your head to the right. Call the stretch in your forearm and hand 'normal'. Now repeat with the naughty arm, tilting your head to the left. Is the right forearm much tighter, sore?

Turn your head to the right and look up. Do you get pain in the neck, and does it radiate down the arm?

Do some press ups. Not pain, but does the right arm tire much faster?

All this is simply stating that it's a complex subject and there are a whole lot of possibilities. My rule of thumb is that if a problem isn't 50% better in 3-4 weeks I would ask for a second opinion. Another chiropractor? Your doc?

Perhaps time for X-rays of your neck and shoulder.

I hope this answers some of your questions. You are quite right to be concerned, so don't be embarrassed to ask a few awkward questions.

Dr B

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