Tingling & numbness in hands when sitting & laying in bed.

by Elizabeth
(Monroe, NC, USA)

I have been told that I have Primarily Lateral Scoliosis, but not completely sure. I have curvatures of the spine; the left hip is slightly higher than the right.

I am having trouble walking, muscles tighten in legs, and balance is hard to keep.

Hello Ann,
I'm not sure how old you are so, if you are a minor, please discuss this fully with your parents, or could find myself in hot water!

Firstly, you almost certainly have a short right leg; it's vital that is corrected and frankly getting the lift in the shoe right is difficult.

It may need to go in the whole shoe, or just under the heel. And you should wear it all the time, even in your slippers.

Secondly, in my book, you must accept that back exercises done every morning before getting out of bed for the rest of your life, is your lot. It needn't be onerous, taking just a few minutes, but done every single day.

Try and get someone to tell you what your Cobb's angle is. Like all diseases, scoliosis can be mild and no big deal, but also very severe. That measure will enable you to know just how seriously you must take this.

Mild scolioses are common place, treated every day by chiropractors; severe ones should be managed by those specialising in the malformation, particularly if you are adolescent.
That means not your run of the mill doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist or even orthopedist who excels in knee surgery.

Start hunting for someone nearby who deals with difficult scoliosis on a daily basis; take your time as it must be someone you click with. This condition needs careful management and you will be seeing him or her regularly initially. It has to be someone you can work with.

That curvature continues up into your neck, where there may also be other previous injuries from car accidents and falls. There's nothing simple about this I'm afraid. What do the x-rays of your neck show?

Start with the exercises today. I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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