tingling, numbing and deep pain in arm and hand and fingers,

I have been experiencing SEVERE pain in my arm, hand and fingers (right is severe...some in the left).

It will be tingling, then expand to where there is numbness and it feels like my fingers could explode; the skin on the fingers become very taught.

The pain then becomes excruciating.

This will go on all night, that the touch to the skin hurts by morning.I will also have episodes during the day if I try to do any fine motor task (remote control, simply hitting the buttons) it will ease up then start again and the process may pass by the tingling and go directly to just the severe pain and taughtness.

I have been experiencing some pain in left hip as well so I feel I may be having some major nerve issues. All of this has come on very frequently as far as the intensity.I have had tinglng before but never like this as far as the intensity nor frequency..this is very different than a hand falling asleep, or normal athritis.


Four important questions.

* Which fingers?

* Do any movements of your head and neck provoke pain in the neck or arm?

* When you get an "attack" are there any changes in the colour of your fingers? Do they swell?

* Do activities like hanging up the washing (hands above the head) bring on an attack, or extreme weak feeling in the arms?

Let me know, and we'll take this further.

Dr B

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Feb 24, 2012
I am having the same problem
by: Anonymous

I thought it was my thyroid medication needing review but the pain has gone up my arm and into my shoulder. I wake up numerous times in the night and have to get up to walk around and flex my hand, fingers and arm. It is to the point that I can not tolerate the pain. I am unsure if it is my thyroid, carpal tunnel or a pinched nerve in my neck or back.

If there is actual swelling in the arm then get to your doctor quickly. A clot in the arm, or Raynaud's syndrome should be considered.

However, more likely is a first rib subluxation that is causing a "Thoracic Outlet Syndrome".

A "cervical rib" can also invade the inter scalene triangle in the neck affecting the artery and nerves to the arm.

Or, a lower neck condition such as a cervical facet syndrome. Only a careful examination will diagnose what is the exact cause of your problem. Type these terms into the Search function at C-H for more info. These are all conditions that we treat on a daily basis. Not the clot...!

Dr B

I hope this contributes.

Mar 08, 2011
Arm pain and hand numbing
by: Anonymous

The finger do seem to swell and the color sometimes seems redish and yet sometimes appears blanched.

It swells to the point the skin feels as if it may split.
It is peculiar, sometinmes when the hand is up it does start and yes sometimes when it is down it starts.

Any fine motor activity will have the hand react. The entire arm with the core pain is almost always through the entire night.

It is at that time that my arm situated high and over my head is an improvement.

It sometimes feels as if it is two different things going on but one may set of the other, I may be wrong about that.

My neck can hurt also but it does not seem to me in conjunction with the arm.

Hello again,

This sounds typical of Raynaud's disease in which the fingers change from white to blue and then to red, and often with a numb feeling. It's caused by constriction of the blood vessels. Occurs mainly in winter when hands get cold. Try wearing gloves.
Yes, it is possible that there is more than one condition here. Relief by raising your arm is suggestive of a neck problem.

Take photographs of your hands when they change colour, and take them to your doctor. Only a careful clinical examination will determine if you have a separate problem from the neck, or a thoracic outlet syndrome.

I hope this has contributed.

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