Tingling left arm near bicep runs down to the first joint in the thumb

by Donna
(Salcha, AK, USA)

Tingling in my left arm outside bicep runs down to the first joint in the thumb. 69 yr old female. Good health. Started a month ago.

It happens often even when just sitting. Movement will temporarily stop it.

Hello Donna,
By this stage in life you almost certainly have some wear and tear in what is known as the joints of Luschka where the nerve emerges from the spine.

Yours pertains to the C6 dermatome most probably, though it would then usually also affect the index finger.

Two things to look out for.

1. If turning your head to the left, and then looking up provokes either lower neck pain and or tingling in your left arm.

2. If the upper limb tension test is positive. Learn how to do it, and test the nerve periodically.

Also if your arm starts to waken you at night, or straightening the elbow develops a weak feeling; the triceps muscle is most often affected.

The median nerve passes through the belly of a muscle in the front of the elbow. Type pronator teres syndrome into the search function in the navigation bar to find it.

An xray of your neck is probably needed, including obliques, but only after a clinical examination.

Dr B

Upper limb tension test » Tingling left arm near bicep runs down to the first joint in the thumb

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