Tingling in two fingers after shingles.

by Laurence
(Calgary, Canada)

In Early December 2017 I was diagnosed with shingles. It effected my right arm and part of my right upper back.

By the end of May 2018, the shingles symptoms had gone but I was left with tingling in my right hand pinky and ring fingers. NOTHING else is involved.
The tingling is getting less and less very slowly. I can live with it. Some days I think to myself "Wow I don't remember tingling yesterday." Maybe I'm just getting used to it.

If there is an easy fix I'd like to hear about it. If not, thanks for listening.

Hello Laurence,
The question is whether this has anything to do with the shingles, which it could have, or is quite unrelated.

The two common conditions that could affect the pinky and ring finger, is an irritation of the 8th cervical nerve root, and a thoracic outlet syndrome.

The nerve root irritation would be relieved by placing your hand above your head, but this would increase the tingling in TOS. Do you wake up at night with your hand under your head, pillow or above your head? How does changing a light bulb affect the tingling?

Does turning your head to the right, and then looking up have any effect?

Using the site search function at Chiropractic Help to find 'upper limb tension test'. Ask she who must be obeyed - do you have one of those in your home? - to help with the test; it's a sign of an irritated nerve in the lower cervical spine.

What's good is that it's slowly improving of its own accord. If that changes, or the tests above provoke some of the symptoms, then I'd get an x-ray of your neck, including obliques.

A cervical rib could be the spoke in the wheel too; let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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