Tingling in thumb and first two fingers and tongue

by Sherrie
(Pollock Pines, Ca USA)

Have previous back surgery and much back pain but today I woke with a tingling thumb, first two fingers and now tongue. It has happened before but in a couple hours all would be gone.

It's been 7 hours now and I still am in the same condition. I am 65 and getting nervous. I have had a lot of stress in last two weeks. Could I be heading for a heart attack or stroke? Oh, this is on my left side.

Hello Sherrie,
Because of the involvement of your tongue, it's best you consult your medical doctor. The parathyroid gland too needs to be considered.

Three fingers is not a typical nerve pattern either, but it could be carpal tunnel syndrome, which usually also affects the ring finger.

I'm not sure; the whole pattern of your health needs to be considered first, and your GP is the best person to do that. If he can't find anything, then is the time to see your local chiropractor for an examination of your neck and arm.

I hope this contributes; let me know what transpires.

Dr B

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