Tingling in the feet and calf even after L4/L5 spinal fusion

by Joe R
(Broomall, Pa.)

I had tingling in my feet, more so my right. I felt like I was walking with my socks bunched up.

Had an MRI and ultimately had spinal fusion with a lamininectomy at l4 l5.

This was 18 months ago with no improvement other than no longer having lower back pain and discomfort most of the time.

Lately the tingling has migrated up to my right calf. I have full use of legs and walk and hike regularly. I am very active. This has not affected my activities to any great degree but this condition is very annoying. I'm concerned it may progress to losing feeling, etc.

I am male 58 years old 6'3" tall at 205 lbs.

What do you suggest my next course of action should be? Am I limited because of fusion?

Hello Joe,
I'm a great believer in a disciplined set of gentle lower back exercises done EVERY morning before getting out of bed. See our lower back exercises page in the navigation bar at C-H.

There are some suggestions that you may have a "peripheral neuropathy". Talk to your doctor about some B vitamin shots in the butt for a couple months. B12 in particular becomes more difficult to absorbe as we age.

We use a technique known as McManis traction that has benefit after surgery, and would not aggravate the fusion. Phone around and look for a chiro who uses it.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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