Tingling in spine and severe pain

by Karla Harris

Hello, I am so needed an answer to what is going on with me possibly. I just woke up one morning five months ago with severe pain between shoulder blades that wraps around into chest. The pain started radiating up the back of my neck that burns and tingling started radiating down my spine. My left arm hurts to point of getting sick. It feels like my insides are on fire. Hurts to breathe and hurts to touch my skin; it feels sore. Pain has started going down right arm really badly and fingers tingling. Had MRI of my spine there are 3 discs out but not herniated. The back doctor said no pinched nerves they see. Please what could it be.

Hello Karla,
Hello Karla,
It's miserable when pain goes on this long and no one knows what is the cause.

Are you in good health otherwise? Is there any reason that we might think this is some medical condition. Are you a smoker, and do you have a cough? Have you lost weight?

Exactly which fingers in your right hand tingle?

Tell me more about the sick pain in your left arm. What provokes it?

Turn you head to the right and then look up. What do you feel?

Run your fingers down the joints between the ribs and your sternum; are any particularly tender and is there a soft lump?

Turn your torso to the left and then right; do you have pain? Where?

Have you had a chest x-ray? What was the report.

Does your digestion seem normal? Normal bowel movements, no serious heartburn...

Answer as accurately as you can to each point if you want a useful reply from me.

Dr B

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