Tingling in shoulder, neck and down my left arm

by Deb

Where the nerve is usually pinched.

Where the nerve is usually pinched.

What treatment is there to reduce the tingling as I have had this ever since my car accident three years ago? I had a CT scan and the results are C5/6 there is particular compromise of the canal dimensions. When driving and doing computer work the tingling increases and results in pain in my neck. The doctor told me to wait until my symptoms increased before referring me to a specialist.

Hello Debbie,
I'm afraid I seriously disagree with your doctor; in the first place an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Secondly, you know what the specialist is going to recommend.

It's a bit likely saying to a diabetic, wait until you have a heart attack and then we'll send you to a specialist for treatment.

The good news is that this is almost certainly treatable; the bad, research shows that no treatment at all will fix it completely after six months. You've had it three years.

Make sure your computer station is properly set up; your hands must point down and the left elbow supported. Avoid laptops as much as you can.

Don't carry heavy things in your left arm.

It's time to see a local experienced chiropractor; take your scan with you. Car accidents inevitably leave their mark, I'm afraid.

Don't expect miracles; it's going to take hard work on your chiropractor's part. A home traction unit might help, though the research is weak; I use it though.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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Jan 02, 2015
by: Deb

Thank you for your response. I have made an appointment with my local Chriropractor and I will take my scan's with me. I am also having weekly Physio for 5 bulging discs in my lower back also from my car accident. The Physio places me on traction every week or the last three months. Should I also have traction for my neck.

Hello again, Deb,
A home traction unit, the kind you use lying down, not sitting, is relatively inexpensive, and you can use it daily; for about twenty minutes. Start with about two kilogrammes and build up slowly.

Are you also doing lower back exercises? You'll find some at chiropractic Help in the navigation bar; do them before getting out of bed each morning.

Let me know how you get on. By the way, don't sign anything off regarding the accident, and insurance claims.

Dr B

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