tingling in ring finger and pinkie

by jan
(rocky hill ct)

I had TOS decompression a few years ago; since then continue with pain pulling in neck and left shoulder. Cervical mri shows arthritis, facet disease and bone spurs.

I have tried massage, physical therapy and trigger point injections; the constant spasm is preventing me from doing daily activities; any other suggestions? Thanks.

Only the obvious one, Jan. Having tried everything else, isn't time to overcome your anxiety and consult a local chiropractor? Your symptoms are typical of what we treat on a daily basis.

What is always sensible, if in doubt, is to go for a consultation and examination, but declare up front not for treatment until you've had time to consider what he or she has found and recommends. Take your husband with you.

That degenerative change in your neck comes from an old whiplash injury that was poorly managed at the time.

Tingling in the ring finger and pinkie is very specific for the C8 dermatome.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

» tingling in ring finger and pinkie

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