Tingling in right thumb, pointer finger, forearm.

by Jeremy
(Fife, WA USA)

I'm a 40 year old man who works as a chef, and works out including with heavy weights frequently. For over a month I have been experiencing recurring tingling and numbness in my (right side) thumb, pointer finger, forearm, bicep, I have also felt some discomfort in shoulder and shoulder blade. It's mostly happening in my forearm, pointer, and thumb.

I notice when I rest my arm on a desk or in the car this sometimes triggers it instantly when contact is made with my elbow and fore arm. It comes and goes. I did go to urgent care and they ruled out anything that needed to be treated immediately and didn't really have much else to offer me as far as a diagnosis. Any thoughts?

Hello Jeremy,
Yes, certainly some thoughts. The thumb and forefinger belong very specifically to the C6 dermatome, telling us exactly where the problem is in the neck.

It's not carpal tunnel. Then the middle and ring finger would also be involved. And although the elbow does seem to trigger it, the ulnar nerve is not involved.

Does turning your head to the right and then looking up provoke anything?

If the Upper Limb Tension Test is positive, use the search function at Chiropractic Help to find it, then it's time to see your local chiropractor. It may be difficult; I'd get some xrays, including obliques.

Avoid heavy lifting with your right arm meantime.

Dr B

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Nov 30, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your assessment. Yes, I did get a sensation in my thumb and finger when looking up and turning my head right. I will contact a chiropractor soon.

Pleasure, get some x-rays. Don't expect a quick fix; it's most unlikely.

Dr B

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