Tingling in right hand now in face

Tingling in right hand now in face

Two weeks ago I felt my lower back almost give out after a long bike ride. I took it easy, but in a couple of days a coming and going numbness was in my right ring and pinky finger. At about the same time I had a similar feeling in the left hand, but it seems to be mostly gone.

Two days ago I had two sharp pains in my upper back and extreme nausea. When there was a burning in my chest I went to the ER. All the tests said heart was very healthy.

A little after I got back I felt tingling around my face coming and going. I am trying to schedule an MRI. Causing a lot of anxiety. I am 51, good health, no diabetes, but have had back problems.

Hello Glenn,
Yes, I'm sure it caused some anxiety, fortunately not your heart, but what?

Firstly, the pain in your lower back is almost certainly unrelated, but in itself needs to be taken seriously. Do you cycle regularly? You might start with these lower back exercises before getting out of bed every morning.

Cycling is great exercise, but it's hard on the neck, having to extend your cervical spine. That narrows the foramena from which the nerve roots emerge. Should there be an old neck injury that caused injury to the joints of Luschka, then one or more foramena may be narrowed. However, if you're a regular cyclist, then other conditions should be first considered. Having said that, the pinkie and ring finger belong very specifically to the C8 dermatome.

But having the tingling in both arms, and your face, further investigation is necessary. In particular blood calcium levels. Dysfunction of the parathyroid gland that controls blood calcium levels is known to cause tingling in the face, particularly around the lips.

At the ER did anyone examine your arms? Were reflexes taken, skin sensitivity, strength of the finger muscles? Have you felt any weakness, for example opening a jar?

Try pricking your fingers. Is it the same bilaterally?

Another test you can do at home is the
Upper Limb Tension test ... is your right lower arm much tighter? Sore?

Turn your head right and left and then look up simultaneously. Pain in the neck? In your arm?

Whilst continuing with the medical angle, I recommend you start the hunt for a local, thorough chiropractor. Ask friends and family, even your doctor, for a name.

Have X-rays been taken? If so, please send me a copy of the report as an attachment.

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Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

Dr B

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Aug 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi there,I went through a...thumb and face numbness, a few days back.CREEPY!!! I went to hospital,but had to leave after waiting for 5 hours. Then I went to my ortho,he checked and pushed and cracked andtwisted my cervix and he told me to stop being so stessed.He gave me a cream and anti inflammitories and he and I have a new booking in September.I am 95% better,and I am getting my signals mixed,because ,I am menopausal,and that in it self is a problem.I know it feels weird but hang in there...if there is a beginning,there is certainly an end.

This tingle and numbness is almost certainly unrelated to menopause, so relax on that score, and certainly don't get onto hormone treatment. Cancer and incontinence... not worth it.

Mmm, a chiropractor would be suspended for checking out the cervix! Don't know about an ortho, didn't know they delved down there either. Cervical spine?

It seems your ortho (orthopaedic surgeon?) seems to have helped you, that's great.

Dr B

Jul 30, 2013
by: Glenn

Went on visit and my back does not hurt, but I do still have numbess inthe right hand and now the left. No noticeable loss of strength.

Sorry, I don't get it. On holiday, to a chiro, your GP? If that numbness is objective, ie different when pricking right and left, rather than just a feeling of numbness, then it's what we call a "hard" neurological sign. It demands further exploration.

Dr B

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