Tingling in right hand & leg

by Vip

I slept during my air journey on 2nd of December, 12 days ago. When woke up I found my right hand and leg completely numb which is a common occurring. However since that day my right hand and especially the last two fingers(smaller ones)are tingling and at times going numb too.

My right leg also experiencing similar problem but less frequent. When I sleep on right side, hand & leg go partly numb. While sitting or holding my cell phone on my ear, i feel tingling right limbs.

I have not tried any treatment yet. I am currently not covered in any insurance, therefore want to be sure what kind of treatment i should take.

Hello Vip,
Two things of significance here. First is that this has been happening regularly. When important symptoms start happening regularly, it's time to take notice, because they tend to get worse.

Secondly, the symptoms are in your arm and leg. That's of concern, and because of that, I'd be inclined to start with a medical examination.

Sleeping upright is notoriously hard on the neck and is indeed probably what provoked what was already there just waiting for some stimulus.

Holding your cellphone to your ear. Two points. Does it involve tilting your head and neck? Secondly, raising the arm will often relieve the tingling and pain in the arm, the so called shoulder abduction relief sign.

I would recommend xrays of your neck, better still a scan. There's stuff going on in there.

Your age? A very stiff neck of some years duration? Then spinal stenosis is a possibility affecting both the nerve to the arm and the spinal cord, hence your leg symptoms.

You've been saving a fortune, month after month, by having no personal medical insurance. Now's the time to cough up, without regret. We should all make provision one way or another for our health.

The last two fingers belong very specifically to the c8 dermatome.

Dr b

Find a good chiropractormay be your next step.

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