tingling in right arm

by Jenny

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Tingling in right arm

For the past few weeks I have had intermittent episodes where my right upper arm feels weak and fatigued, although I can still lift it. Within a few seconds I get tingling sensation running down the radial side of my arm. Sometimes this is accompanied by either a warm or cold feeling. It all lasts less than 10 seconds but can occur many times a day.

Hello Jenny,
Tingling in the arm warrants a full examination. Meantime, start to think about factors that increase or relieve the tingling.

Try pricking your arm and comparing it with the other; is it sharper or duller, and very specifically where.

Try to elicit where that weak feeling is. Is it in the hand, the elbow or the shoulder?

Also, does it feel weak because it hurts when you use it, or is it just fatigued?

You make no mention of neck pain. Turn your head to the right and then look up. Does it provoke neck pain or tingling in your right arm?

Ask a friend to help you do the upper limb tension test.

As a general rule, does lifting your arm above your head increase or decrease the tingling?

Do you have cough? Any swelling in the arm?

I recommend you take the answers to these questions and see your doctor or chiropractor.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

Tingling in right arm

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