Tingling In Right Arm and Numbness of Hands Plus Other Issues

by Meagan
(Memphis, TN)

Hey Doc!

I will get straight to it. Here is the run down of my health. When I was in labor with my son (11/3/10), I chose to get an epidural. They did it wrong, and spinal fluid came out and back into the IV. They did not seem alarmed, and after later doing research due to pain, I see why. Now, I have problems sitting in one position or standing for long periods of time.

About a year after that, I started to notice my right arm going numb and I was working at a grocery store at the time. I did not see this as much of a problem at the time. Then, in 2014, I worked for a plastic factory and started to notice swelling in my wrist. They changed my job and I have not really had any more issues regarding my wrist.

In July of 2014, I moved to Memphis and started servicing pools. (Family Business). After only a couple of months, the pain in my shoulder became excruciating. I have a high pain tolerance, so for it to be unbearable finally sent up a red flag. Holding my arm up above about chest level was almost impossible. Rotating my arm and doing some stretching seemed to help but the problem just kept arising.

I no longer service pools, I now work in an office selling them. So, now I spend hours sitting and using my computer and again, the shoulder pain returns. Only now, I also have a severe pain in my T1(I THINK) right in between my shoulder blades on my spine. I am a smoker, but beside gallbladder issues, I see myself as being pretty healthy and active. We can add slight chest pains to the mix too.

This may seem like a strictly chiropractic issue but now here's the twist. The two may go hand in hand, or not be related at all. Your expertise may help me tremendously.

Here is what happened. The night before last, I went to bed around my normal time. I woke up unable to talk and hardly able to move. No matter how hard I tried, I could not wake my partner up. I don't remember anything besides those few minutes of panic. Now, I know that sometimes that happens and it's called being in a box, or "having a witch on your back." But what happened to me last night, is what has pushed me to find some answers. I had a very stressful day and at one point, my blood pressure was through the roof. Next thing I know, I have blurred vision, both my hands went numb, and my entire body started to lock up. All I could do was close my eyes and concentrate on breathing. Again, I could not bring myself to speak. Afterwards, I had a splitting head ache, chest pains, pain in my arm pit and numbness still lingering in my right hand. I felt completely drained and even a little nauseous. I ate and went straight to bed.

Today I have been exhausted and was still suffering from that piercing head ache for a couple hours this morning. The chest pains lasted only a few minutes this morning also. PLEASE HELP!!! I do not run to the doctor every time I ache or feel sick, but I am honestly freaked out. I have never experienced anything like this. Like I said, I know all of these things may not be related but I feel pretty battered to only be 23 years old. I just want some answers.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your feedback.

Hello Meagan,
You need to see your doctor immediately. I don't know what "through the roof" was (did you measure your BP yourself?) but a TIA needs to be ruled out. A temporary ischemic attack, especially at your age, must be taken seriously as it's the prelude to a major stroke.

I think it's unrelated to your other issues; a repetitive strain injury in the wrist, a pulled muscle or bursitis in the shoulder, and probably a subluxated rib between the shoulder blades; lower than T1, more likely around T5. Mind you, C5 supplies the muscles between the shoulder blades and that would fit with numbness in your arm. T1 true does supply the skin of the armpit area, but there are a lot of other structures there that cause pain, especially as you had difficulty raising your arm.

You know it, of course, but it's time to give up the weed permanently and completely. Do it. It will knock years of your life, and if that was a TIA a lot of years; or worse a stroke.

Let me know what your doc thinks.

Good luck,

Dr B

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