Tingling in pubic bone area with kidney failure

Chiropractic subluxation

Chiropractic subluxation

Tingling in pubic bone area with kidney failure.

Hello. Where do I start? I don't think it is connected but it all happened together so I will explain all. I am a 39yr old female, not overweight.

In short one of my kidneys has recently stopped functioning. Around the same time I started to get a numbness feeling in my bottom which at first started in one side now I feel it in both and in coccyx. It seems to be slowly getting worse and now I get tingling around my pubic bone area.

Like I say I think the kidney and the other symptoms are total separate issues which have just happened together but the tingling is making me worry and just would like to know if they could be connected?

They could be connected. There's a celebrated case, see the enclosed graphic of a person who went into kidney failure. Nothing wrong could be found, but on autopsy a severely pinched nerve to the kidney was found.

Do you have any back pain in the area about 6" above your sacrum? There's no harm done in having your local chiropractor examine the area so see if there are any subluxations present.

A slip of the femoral nerve supplies the pubic bone area; it comes from that same upper lumbar area of the spine.

The sacral nerves supply the area around the anus, and the coccyx. Have you had xrays, and perhaps a scan?

This could be a "medical" problem, and it could be a "chiropractic" condition. I'd consult both.

Let me know what comes of it. I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» Tingling in pubic bone area with kidney failure

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