Tingling in my left thumb and forefinger

by brenda
(nova scotia)

Tingling in my left thumb and forefinger fits very specifically to the C6 dermatome.

I had a left lumpectomy 3 weeks ago and everything went fine; today I started to get tingling in my thumb and forefinger; just wondering if you know what can cause this?

Hello Brenda,
Did you have a general anaesthetic? During intubation the neck has to be extended putting stress on the small joints; but three weeks later seems dubious.

If you turn your head to the left and then look up, do you get pain in the neck or thumb and forefinger? That's called Spurling's sign.

Using the site search function look for the upper limb tension test; you need a helper. Is the left arm significantly tighter than the right?

Let me know.

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Dr B

» Tingling in my left thumb and forefinger

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