Tingling in my forearm, fingers, lower leg, and feet.

I am feeling some tingling in my forearm, fingers, lower leg, and feet. It is not in a specific spot, it just kind of tingles throughout. It started more in my index finger and thumb. The right side of my chest somewhat tingles as well. I am not diabetic or overweight and have been to a chiropractor before, but not within the past several months. I'm just a little anxious about it because it feels weird. Could a chiropractor help?

Hello Helena,
When you get generalised neurological symptoms (like tingling) then I always think a general medical checkup is in order. For example a B12 deficiency can cause a nasty disease called Pernicious Anemia which has serious neurological sequelae...

The tingling in the thumb and forefinger is very specific - the C6 dermatome from the neck. That's certainly a problem for your chiropractor. But it's unlikely to cause anything in the lower limbs - unless you have spinal stenosis in the neck. So ask for an X-ray of your neck.


Let me know how you get on.

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