tingling in my arms/ hands and feet

Hi there, about 4 weeks ago I woke up and noticed a tingling in my right arm and hand only, with stiffness in the right side of my neck.

I am usually healthy, no history of any trapped nerve/back problems so I didn't think much of it.
It carried on for a few days and then i felt the same sort of tingling in my Rt leg and foot. Felt a bit like I had slept on it and it woulnd't wake up. Slight ache and numbness.

After about a week, it started to get better and I thought it was going. Then I woke up and it had came back with even more tension/ache in my neck. (Rt side).

So I went to GP who examined me and said strength-wise I am ok. He did some blood tests which have come back clear.

I also went to a phyio who said I had a lot of tension on the right side of my neck with some tendontitis. Also disk 4 and 6 (I think) have been rotated out of place.

He feels that is what has caused the tingling.
I have had two sessions with physio but doesn't seem to have helped yet, still getting the same tingling, changes slightly some days worse than other, some days more in foot than the hand.

Over the last couple of days I have begun to notice it on the left side too, seems to be not as bad a the right but my forefinger and thumb on left and big toe on my left foot seem a bit tingly. I can raise my toe off the ground fine.

I am due to have sensory tests at GP soon.
Do you know what could be causing this and why the left seems to have been affected as well? I've never had it before, a bit worried it may be something serious. Could the mobilising that the physio has done cause the left to go tingly as well?

The left is not as bad the right and the right numbness/weakness is still there.

Do you think I should have more physio?

Thanks for your advice.

Pip John

Dear Pip,

Just a set of plain X-rays, including oblique films are essential. The obliques will show if there are any arthritic spurs from the Joints of Luschka invading the foramen where the nerves emerge.


Only once do you mention 'weakness'. Could you be more specific. What action feels weak? Try doing some press-ups - Does your right arm tire quickly? Go up on your toes on one leg, ten to twenty times. Does it tire very quickly? Right faster than left?

If you prick your arm and hand, is there a difference right and left? In the leg?

Just in the neck and right arm, I wouldn't be too concerned, but going into the leg, and now the other side, X-rays and probably then a MR scan are essential. Your doctor needs to rule out spinal stenosis where arthritis, or other, in the neck may affect the cord and your lower limbs.


I wouldn't have any treatment, physio, chiro, pills until a diagnosis has been made. Pursue this, and don't let people fob you off. Your instincts are right - not to put the wind up you, but as you already have realised, this could be serious.

If your doctor forks his feet, demand to see a neurologist.

I hope this has contributed.

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