tingling in my arm

Tingling in my arm

It started three days ago after work I come home and I started to feel a little light headed then my left arm "shoulder to elbow" started feeling weak and a small amount of pain on my shoulder but I ignored it.

The next day the same thing happened but the weakness of my arm came and went. The third day is when my arm was so weak, I can do things with my left hand but it's weak and am an easy with it. It's not painful but am starting to feel worried should I see doctor?

At times the pain is there when I massage my shoulder. Am 21 years old.

Hello Mohamed,

I would start with a visit to your medical doctor. It's not likely but with the dizziness you experienced, and left arm pain, it's always good to be absolutely sure this is not a heart condition.

Do a few things for me:

# Turn you head to the left, and then look up. What happens?

# Lie on your back and ask someone to help you do the Upper Limb tension test ... let me know what you feel.

# Prick your arm with a pin. Is there a distinct difference, right vs left, in certain patches. Where? Sharper or numb?

# Do some pressups. Does your arm tire quickly?

# Squeeze your fingers against each other. Is the left hand distinctly weaker?

Let me know.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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