Tingling in my arm and fingers after treatment

by Shelly
(Nb canada)

I had an adjustment yesterday. When I got home I began to throw up and had a massive headache. I also had tingling in my arm and pinkie and ring finger on the left side.

Hello Shelley,
It's very important you don't have another cervical manipulation in the next few weeks, and perhaps never again.

I would discuss this fully with your chiropractor; I'm not trying to scare you, but an autonomic response like that can be serious.

Is this a chiropractor you've been seeing for some time? Then talk about what happened, just like any two adults would do.

If it's your first visit to a chiropractor, ho hum, I'm not sure. What happened needs to be seen in the context of your total health; blood pressure, cholesterol, your weight, whether you smoke, are on the pill and so on, whether you've had attacks of vertigo, and whether Wallenberg and the Hallpark Dix test is positive.

I would recommend in the future a more gentle form of treatment, as in the activator method.

Treat warily.

Sorry to be so negative. Like I said discuss this fully with your chiropractor. If s/he treats it lightly, or is dismissive, I'd go elsewhere.

Dr B

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