Tingling in legs & feet and pain on the left side of my pelvis.

by Sheila
(Virginia Beach, VA)

I'm a 57 year old female. I'm experiencing pain/numbness on each side of the buttocks, a little stiffness in both hips, pain/numbness in the pelvic area, numbness in the thighs, partial in both knees & both feet & toes.

It started late Dec 2016 with pain on the right buttocks then it crept into the right groin. Then the right leg, foot & toes.

It then crept into the left side with the same symptoms. I was on two rounds of Prednisone back in January & it did not help. I've had X-Rays, CT Scan w/contract, PVL & two MRI's.

It does show T11 (stenosis with a bulging disc). But this article states everything I'm feeling & going through. When I walk, I sometimes stumble & feel like I look drunk. I started seeing a Chiropractor 4 weeks ago who said he could help but it would take time. No significant change yet. A Spine Specialist wants to perform surgery but I prefer not because I am a heart patient of 48 years; had a plastic aortic valve put in 36 years ago & am on Coumadin and other meds. No surgery is easy on me but the spine has me scared.

Am I seeking the right course of care, incorporate something else or surgery is my only option?

Thank you.

Hello Sheila,
Frankly it's always difficult when going down both legs.

Two things stand out.

First, the pain in your groin; lying on your back, pull your knee to the chest, then to the opposite shoulder and then drop it into the lotus position. Compare sides. Is it inordinately stiff or sore in the groin?

You stumble and look like a drunk. Would you know if any of the reflexes were increased? I would ask for a consultation with a neurologist first.

And lastly are you doing lower back exercises every single day?

The thoracolumbar region is where the superior cluneal nerves come from; some authorities also say they supply the groin area, though I'm not entirely convinced. It's called Maigne's syndrome.

Below you'll find some Maigne's syndrome exercises. Ask your chiropractor to help with them.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» Tingling in legs & feet and pain on the left side of my pelvis.

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