Tingling in legs and feet - dislocated L4-L5 joint

by Jackie
(Clearwater, Fl)

Dislocated Vertebra between L4 & L5

Tingling in legs and feet

Have a dislocated vertabrea between L4 & L5. Surgery is recommended. I have numbness in my feet, back of legs tingling. Have had 2 previous surgeries for lower lumbar disc removal & laminectomy.

My questions are: What are the risks of a 3rd surgery? Would a chiropractor be a route to go instead of surgery?

Thank you in advance,

Hello Jackie,
There are risks whatever you do. Risks if you do nothing, risks if you swallow pills, risks if you go for surgery, and risks if you consult a chiropractor.

However the relative risks are certainly lowest with the conservative things. Start by going for a walk twice a day, EVERY DAY.

Then go to our "lower back exercises" page at Chiropractic Help and start doing them very faithfully, as often as you can. EVERY DAY.

Then, if you're carrying extra weight, get if off. No compromise, get it off. Or face a third, and then a fourth... a close relative of mine died after her seventh back op, at 42. It happens. See our "Free weight loss programs" page.

Start to sit a lot less, especially in the comfortable couches and chairs in front of the TV, and the car. If you need to pick something off the floor, go down on one knee. Don't bend.

Start icing your back twice a day for about 20-30 mins, followed by a hot shower or hot water bottle.

Don't use the vacuum cleaner, and the iron. Stand less.

If none of that helps within say six weeks, then I'd start looking for an experienced and thorough chiropractor. This is not a back for a novice.

Good luck, let me know in six weeks how your are getting on.

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