Tingling in left arm while sitting/sleeping

I am 35 and have been doing hard labor all my life, concrete/tile ect. Last year during a extremely long and strenuous tile job (hand and knee outstretched all day) I separated my right pectoral from my sternum right below my collarbone.

I have since recovered from that but more recently on a much less strenuous tile job, after it was over, I am noticing arm pain and tingling directly related to my sitting/laying position.

The straighter I sit, it immediately goes numb and as soon as i sit back it relieves. It feels better when laying on it. if i flip over with no pressure, it immediately goes numb. Arm behind my back, lying, does seem to help.

There is no arm pain or loss of movement, until numb/tingly. oh yeah, i've had shingles for about 10 years.

It doesn't help to put arm above head but it also doesn't hurt. Being a contract labor during hard time I of course have no insurance so no one has time or interest in seeing me. PleEEEEEse give some advice. Stretching and banging and massaging it doesn't seem to help, maybe even made it worse?

[Hello Scarlet Fever,
Firstly, the shingles is probably unrelated.

It's a good sign that raising your arm above your head doesn't help (the so-called Shoulder Abduction Relief sign), but does it make the problem worse? Very important. See if raising your arm regularly provokes the tingling.

Go to this Youtube site (unfortunately in Danish or Norwegian, I think) and see if that movement provokes the tingling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DL1-hnQcycI

The nerves to your arm wind around the pectoralis minor tendon and may have been affected by that muscle injury.

You make no mention of neck pain. Turn your head to that side and look up. What happens?

Do this test, and let me know what happens: Upper Limb Tension Test ...

I'm suspecting a condition called a Thoracic Outlet syndrome but treat that with a pinch of salt. Specific tests are needed to make the diagnosis. The plexus of nerves emerging from the neck are irritated in the upper chest/shoulder causing the pain and tingling in the arm.

It's very treatable.

For years you've been saving by not having medical insurance. Now it's time to spend some of that nest egg. I don't have insurance either. Hopefully you have been putting it away for a rainy day!

Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

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