Tingling in left arm and leg, very stiff neck with pain on turning to either side

by Stephanie
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Tingling in left arm and leg, very stiff neck with pain on turning to either side

Hello Dr,
On the 24th of March, 2013 I had a slip and fall on water inside of an establishment...I fell on my knees pretty hard and ended up on my back. The pain I felt in my knee was immediate, as to be expected considering I was trying to lessen any more damage to my lower back. However, it wasn't until a couple of days later I started to have pain in my lower back. Keep in mind that I had recently finished, more or less, rehabilitation for extreme lower back pain, you guessed it, "sciatica".

I have had an escalation of pain, in my lower back on the left side, awful neck pain accompanied with headache and an inability to sleep restfully. I have been doing the exercises as recommended by my Physical Therapist along with heat and ice. The relief is minimal at best.

Two nights ago I had what felt like pins and needles going down my left hand and arm when I got up I felt pain in my left leg.

Please, can you please tell me if my sciatica has been further damaged?
Thank You,

Hello Stephanie,
Your tale of woe is one of the reasons I'm very committed to a home exercise programme. There is less likelihood of a slip or fall, it takes a fraction of the time and cost. Yes, there are dangers, supervision of your exercise programme certainly has great benefits.

Do you have a home lower back exercises programme?

There's a very simple test for sciatica which you can do at home. All you need is a chair and a helper. Slump test for sciatica places progressive stretch on the sciatic nerve.

It certainly sounds like the jolt on your knees vibrated right up through your body. I take it the pain and stiffness in your neck started with the fall. Then it's not likely to be advanced arthritis, one of the causes of a very stiff neck.

Being in such pain can be a lonely place. Folk just don't understand. Perhaps these
neck arm pain letters might help put your pain in context.

The test for a pinched nerve in the neck is called the Upper Limb Tension Test ... you can do it at home too with your trusty helper.

Look, you're at a bit of a crossroads. If you are satisfied with the treatment given by your physical therapist, this is just an accident that can happen to anyone, under any treatment, then just go back to your PT.

If not, Find a good chiropractor is your next stop.

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Dr B

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