Tingling in hands and neck pain on the right side

by Paula
(New York, NY)

Tingling in hands and neck pain on the right side after being knocked down is infuriating.

I was struck by a running pedestrian and fell hard onto my knee ten days ago.

Now I have developed constant tingling in both hands and constant pain on the right side of my neck.

I have to take a pain pill every day for the knee, but now the neck is bothering me even more. It isn't severe but is constant moderate pain.

Is this related to the tingling in my hands? What can I do for it?

Hello Paula,
I'm sorry about the fall; the proverbial stuff happens to us all periodically.

Briefly first your knee. Apart from the graze a heavy fall onto the patella often injures the hyaline cartilage on the underside, and can become a real bear. At our patello femoral pain syndrome page (use the search function at chiropractic help) you find two simple exercises; do them. And ice too if there is swelling and inflammation.

It's probable that you had a little whiplash, hence the neck pain. But which fingers are affected? The fact that it's in both hands invites the question as to whether the median nerve is not pinched either in the carpal tunnel or between the bellies of the pronator teres muscle. Does it follow the pattern above?

If movements of your neck provoke the tingling in your hands, then it's best not to delay. Likewise if the pain in your neck, or your knee for that matter, isn't improving in perhaps a week or so.

I hope it all settles; you must be furious!

Dr B

» Tingling in hands and neck pain on the right side

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