Tingling in hands and forearms


I have been having tingling and mild burning sensations in my forearms, wrists and fingers for a couple of weeks now. The sensations occur in all of my fingers as well as the palm and the back of my hand. I don't have any pain, numbness or weakness. The sensations/tingling only last for a few seconds but occur often throughout the day.

There are many potential causes for your discomfort; since it includes the pinkies, we can exclude carpal tunnel syndrome.

The fact that it's bilateral, is cause for greater concern. Do any movements of the head and neck provoke or relieve the tingling?

The Upper Limb Tension Test which you can find using the search function at Chiropractic Help is definitive, but difficult to interpret when the tingling is bilateral.

What's needed is a careful and thorough examination; if the tingling doesn't improve within a couple weeks, I would recommend you seek professional help.

Dr B

I have had an X-Ray of my hands which was normal. I have also had a blood test which was normal. My doctor performed some basic tests for Carpal Tunnel but said I showed no signs of it. He did say it could be the first stage of it though. He put me on a waiting list for a nerve conduction study.

My job involves a lot of physical labour which is probably causing these issues. I can still perform my job well but the tingling/burning sensations are irritating and definitely occur more often while I am working.

From reading you're website it doesn't seem like I have CTS because I am having sensations in all of the fingers. TOS seems unlikely as well because I have no pain in my neck/shoulders/back.

It would be cool if you could suggest where the problem might be coming from. I understand it is very difficult to diagnose over the internet.

Kind Regards

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