TIngling in hands and feet and at times face

by Jennifer
(Rhode Island)

TIngling in hands and feet and at times face

I was just wondering what could be the cause? The hands feels like this only when my elbow starts to hurt, like I hit the funny bone.. but its both arms.. and also, I have a really annoying crampy pain under my arm, like on the bone between the arm pit and chest..

The tingling sometimes goes to my feet. and last night I was laying down and felt it in my cheeks up toward the top of my head but that comes and goes.

I've been sleeping REALLY crappy lately but I don't wanna go make a fool of myself if it was just from the way I slept but I am a 30 year old mother of 4 so I don't want to take my chances either...

Dear Jennifer,
There are a number of possibilities and, because I always rate radiating symptoms more highly, don't feel for a moment that you might be making a fool of yourself.

What is needed is a careful thorough examination, and probably initially some routine tests.

Do you also have a job outside the home? Mother of four, housewife, not sleeping well - plain old-fashioned exhaustion may well be at the root, but you shouldn't assume that. Nor should your doctor.

But, when did you last have a decent holiday?

A calcium imbalance is one thing that should be considered. Regulated by the parathyroid gland in the neck, altered calcium levels can produce tingling of this sort, but more usually around the lips.

Seeing it may be emanating from the armpit, a breast exam would be in order too.

My first thought is: go through the medical route first, before seeing a chiropractor. Then, if they can find nothing, start asking friends and family, your doctor for the name of a good local chiropractor.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.

Dr B

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