Tingling in hands after eating sugar

by Julie

Tingling in hands after eating sugar

I found your site after looking up information on why my hands will tingle after I eat sugar.

I am 45, newly vegetarian (17 months), and not in top shape. Although, I have lost 15 pounds over the last few months.

Reading about the causes of the tingling are certainly frightening, and hopefully just a lack of Vitamin B12. Not long ago I had blood testing and all came back normal, except low iron and even my B12 was alright.

Back in 1988, I had a brain AVM and have noticed very slight muscle weakness in my hands. I don't think this is the cause.

Reading your information on broccoli is good news and thank you for your help.

Just tonight, I had a very small bowl of ice cream, with hot fudge, banana, and whipped cream. I fell asleep at the computer and woke up with tingling arms. It took several minutes for the normal flow to return.

I do not consume much sugar, but when I do it is very obvious.

I did also want to ask you about your water reservoir? I am researching natural living techniques and have read a book on water cisterns. A man in Canada has a 20,000 gallon plastic tank that he and his family have lived off for more than 20 years, since he is totally off grid. He gets the water from off a metal roof, goes through two filters and voila!

I believe yours is made out of brick? I live in a cold weather state, so would want to be conscious of the frost. I can see you dug yours below ground level, I am assuming to keep the heat consistent and for space.

Bernard, thank you for your very informative site!


PS I am also looking into bee keeping!!

[Hello Julie,
Apologies for the delay in getting to your question. Although I know of no direct connection between sugar and tingling hands, white sugar in particular is associated with so many problems. It is a highly refined substance, I wouldn't call it a food, with a very high glycemic index, meaning the body stores it rapidly as fat to keep the blood glucose down. It stresses the pancreas... I could go on and on. Good that you've cut right back and have lost those pounds. Well done!
Keep going with the weight loss, so, so important if you want to live a life without pain and drugs. But do it by eating healthily, not be one of these fad diets that are just another way of eating badly. Plenty of fruit, veg, salad, healthy fats and protein, and minimal carbs with a high glycemic index. They are the villains of the peace.

High protein low fat foods ...

You'll find plenty on the subject at both Chiropractic Help and Bernard Preston websites.

Yes, our water reservoir, 25,000 litres is under ground, more for aesthetics than anything else. Generally, depending on your water supply, rainwater, even with a bit of bird poo is a good deal better! Filters of course don't keep micro organisms out, but we have absolutely no tummy issues. It lasts about 10-11 months of the year.

We have a moderate climate, so freezing isn't a problem. Better to ask local builders about building tanks.

Mm, have my doubts about a 20,000 gal plastic tank. That's absolutely huge, and plastic not that strong, or UV resistant.

Frankly, if you have sugar issues, I would stay away from honey too. Very high glycemic index also, very healthy in small amounts. Also bees are not indigenous to the Americas, so highly specialised and difficult to do.

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Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

I hope this has contributed.

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