tingling in hand and triceps pain

by john

tingling in hand and triceps pain

I notice it more with arm bent but I do notice it also with arm hanging by side when standing up. Tingling more in middle ring and pinky finger. Do have some neck pain but not bad. Feels more like muscle tension. No x ray or mri

Hello John,
I have to assume there's a connection between your muscle tension and the pain in your triceps and the tingling.

Does turning your head to that side, and then looking up cause pain in the neck or arm?

Take this little test. Upper limb tension test ... is your lower arm much tighter? It's akin to your arm hanging at your side, but more stress on the nerve.

Raise your arm. Does it hurt in the shoulder or upper back? Deep upper back pain can be associated with the neck or upper back.

If your shoulder hurts when raising it, then I'd be looking for an associated rotator cuff injury. When the nerve in the neck is irritated - we know that because of the tingling in your hand - then all the muscles in the arm become vulnerable.

I don't normally rush for X-rays in your neck, but if this has been more than a few weeks, I'd get some pics. An MRI better and safer, but a good deal more expensive.

Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

Let me know the result of the above questions. Keep to this thread.

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Dr B

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