Tingling in fingers

by Shayla

In 2012 after being on the computer for quite a few weeks I had tingling or my pointer, ring, and middle finger, I went to the doctors because I had health anxiety and it was bothering me for I thought it was rabies. She told me it was carpal tunnel, braces did NOTHING at all; it still would be tingling and very annoying. Anyways typing makes it worse, bending my elbow for an extended amount of time makes it worse, gripping things for an extended amount of time makes it worse, sleeping with my elbows bent makes it worse. I have been dealing with this for the past few years and this year I went in to the doctor for my other hand tingling and she told me I was too young for carpel tunnel, she said it was a pinched nerve at the shoulder or elbow.

My tingling of my right hand fits carpel tunnel, but my left hand fits nothing, the only thing I see a little relief from is icing, magnesium infused lotion from the elbow down, I tried to keep my arm straight at night with a brace at the elbow, wrist, and a wrap over the brace also at the elbow so that my elbow is harder to bend at night. What do you think my left hand is affected by?

Hello Shayla,
A big question. Does your mouse elbow have support? Does it rest on you the desk, or armrest, or a special device for the elbow? Do your hands at the keyboard point up or down?

If it affects three fingers then it is certainly to do with the median nerve; the impingement in your case I think is quite likely between the bellies of the pronator teres muscle.

Underlying it all there may also be a first rib fixation, or cervical rib that is affecting the nerve in the inter scalene triangle in the neck. Use the site search function at C-H to find out more about TOS.

Have you had a neck injury? Pain in the neck?

Only a careful and thorough examination is going to work this one out. CTS often goes to the other arm by the way because its origin is somewhere in the neck.

Look for an experienced and thorough chiropractor in your area.

An operation to your wrist is unlikely to fix this. The real problem lies somewhere more central; we call it a double crush syndrome; in the wrist, yes, but somewhere else too.

Good luck, let me know how you get on in a couple months. Look to the posture at your desk.

Dr b

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Sep 16, 2017
Ulnar nerve & ring finger and pinkie
by: Jen

My fingers tingled, especially the pinky and one next to it. I slept with elbow bent, and elbow hurt when I had it bent on desk/table, or on widow/door edge while driving. I finally went to doctor when I couldn't feel my hair from tingling & I was dropping things from numb fingers.

After a nerve conduction test, I had to have an Ulnar Nerve Transposition surgery at elbow, where the nerve is moved at the elbow from bottom to top. I feel so much better, and once in a great while, if I try to keep elbow bent for too long, I have a weird feeling in the elbow, reminding me not to keep it bent for too long. If you keep your elbows on desk, or bent anywhere to too long, or feel last 2 fingers tingling or numb, you may have issues with your ulnar nerve & not carpal tunnel.

Thanks for this, Jen, and great that the operation was a success.

Yes, if it affects the pinky then it's definitely not carpal tunnel syndrome; that affects the median nerve which doesn't cover the little finger.

A difficulty is that the ring and little fingers also pertain to the C8 dermatome; that means that it's even more likely to be a cervical spine radiculopathy.

If you turn your head to that side, and then look up (Spurling's test) do you get any lower neck discomfort, or tingling in the arm? Then it may be a double crush syndrome, partly in the neck and partly in the elbow.

Thank you for your contribution.

Dr B

» Ulnar nerve & ring finger and pinkie

Aug 21, 2014
Helpful information
by: Shayla

I have nothing in particular to support my elbows and my hand that uses the mouse is my right hand, my left hand does most of the typing and it does get worse with typing but goes away to a manageable level if I put a brace on my elbow and wrist.

I only once had a neck injury for I was trying to do a flip on the trampoline and jumped up and all of my weight landed on my neck which left it sore for a few months but this was a few years before any of the tingling happened in my left hand. I also had a fall down the stairs two years ago which impacted my shoulders, mid, and lower back.

I have a good posture most of the time but ever since I fell down the stairs the points in my back hurt so I don't sit for that long. I will try to get into an orthopedic or massage therapy for both of my hands need the help.

Hello Shayla,
Those neck injuries are probably both quite significant. Both sound very traumatic; the neurological symptoms often only start a few years down the road.

X-rays and possibly a scan would be in order.

Start by getting your posture at the computer sorted out; get help. Getting it right is very important; you spend hours there every day.

Dr B

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