tingling in fingers and 1 and 2

by fathimath

What is the best vitamin that can be taken to help reduce the problem of disc degeneration?

Hello Fathimath,
The best solution is not a vitamin but to keep that joint moving; that means exercising your neck regularly, not sleeping on your stomach and, from the chiropractic standpoint, having the joint adjusted occasionally and regularly but not too often.

It sounds like you have an irritated nerve root in the neck. Does turning your head to the side of the tingling, and then looking up cause pain or tingling?

After that I would recommend making a chicken bone stock and using it to make a soup regularly.

The vitamin that would help in particular is vitamin C but not from a capsule but from your food; regularly enjoy freshly squeezed citrus and the pepper family. OJ from a carton is useless.

I hope this helps.

Dr B

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