Tingling in both hands and both arms and both shoulders to the back of the neck

by Mrs Grimes
(Merced, ca)

I have this going on since 2011 up to now I ask my family doctor at time about this he did not do anything about this or he didn't want to take any x-ray about this so I been dealing with this pain all of this time; now I have a new doctor soon I will let him about this matter right now I will like to hear from you and if you think I need surgery on this matter (I CAN DEAL WITH THIS PAIN NO MORE, it's TOO MUCH FOR ME), what can I do with all this pain for all off the pain for both shoulders and both arms and both elbows and both hands and up to the back my neck and both my hips and both side my legs and both feet and I have pounding back of my middle of my back to front of my chest all the time. I need help, so what can I do? This is scary of all this pain all I want is to stop. Thank you.

You've done the right thing, Mrs Grimes. There's nothing simple about this; what you need is a diagnosis, not painkillers. Be insistent with the new doctor. And that means some investigation which is probably going to cost.

Frankly you should have sought a second opinion several years back. This could be difficult.

Sorry not to be more helpful, or encouraging. Meantime look to the basics; go out and walk every day, make sure your diet is in order, lose weight if you are significantly over the limit, talk to God and all those things we all have the responsibility to do. In short, when doctors miss the boat, make sure you don't too.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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