Tingling in both arms

by Mike

Tingling in both arms

I have tingling in both arms and hands from elbow down. I had a clear brain MRI but 4 bulging cervical discs. I had a emg test that showed all nerves are fine. I am concerned now that its a serious disease and not coming from my neck. Any ideas?

Hello Mike,
Speak firmly to your mind! With a negative MRI and emg, serious neurological disease is highly unlikely. MS would certainly have showed up on the brain scan.

Some questions and a few home tests you can do.

Firstly, which fingers tingle? That's crucial in making an accurate diagnosis.

Secondly, any swelling in your lower arms and hands?

Does raising your arm(s) increase or decrease the tingling?

Has anyone checked the pulse in your wrist whilst you turned your head, and simulaneously breathed in? Adson's test. The result?

Does turning your head to the side, and simulaneously looking up provoke any symptoms or tingling. Where?

Superficially, from what you tell me, I think it's time you started looking for a good chiro for a thorough Chiropractic examination. The only slight question mark is: both arms.

Dr B

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Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

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