Tingling in both arms and hands

Hi there,

My symptoms have been happening for some time now, maybe over a year or so.

It doesn't happen everyday but boy when it does happen, I feel like I'm going mad as all I do is continually shake my hands and arms like I'm
having some kind of fit. The tingling starts just below my elbows in both arms and then it seems to shoot down into hands and fingers, not any particular finger as the tingling goes though my whole hand and fingers. It's especially severe at night and when it does come at night, I cannot sleep whatsoever and normally results in me having the next day off work due to lack of sleep; I'm a high school teacher.

I've been having re-occurring Shingles for the last 10 years ( I'm now 30) and doctors are at a loss as to why I keep getting Shingles? They simply put it down to a low immune system , even though tests have come back negative. I've had Viral Meningitis within the last 2 years ( I've had 2 bouts of it) and since I had this meningitis, I now have migraines. I also have depressive episodes over my health as i would just like to be normal. So can you help?

It would greatly be appreciated

Thank you.

Mm, to be quite honest I'm not sure. It certainly does seem that your immune system is not in good shape, not usual for a person of your age to get shingles even once, let alone reoccuring symptoms.

Plus the meningitis.

It's possibly something in your neck, but bilaterally is not that common in your age group. In many ways sounds like a "thoracic outlet syndrome" or carpal tunnel syndrome, but once again not common bilaterally in your age group.

My suggestion initially is become a health nut for a three months. Get on to a healthy diet of fruit, salad and veg, avoid McD and all sugary foods, eat wierd stuff like hummus, eat fatty fish, and take a good walk every day. Have a couple of B12 shots, and be tested for homocysteine.

When did you last have a proper holiday?

True, I'm scratching. Any neck pain? See a chiro for an assessment of your neck. Ask him to check the pronator teres muscle.

I hope in some small way this has contributed.


Email clairedee_@hotmail.com

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Sep 05, 2012
i know how you feel!
by: Anonymous

I am going through the same problem. The doctors are at a loss for what is going on. They keep telling me it is the shingles so live with it. I get the shingles 2 or 3 times a month followed by viral meningitis. The doctors say just to take my antiviral meds and tylenol. I feel so depressed i just want to cry. I am 32 years old and healthy, they keep telling me my immune system is low. I have no other health problems, and i eat semi healthy. I just wanted to tell you "You're not alone".

Thanks for your contribution. Viral conditions are very difficult to treat, so keep going back to the basics of healthy living: eat right, exercise, take walks, go on holiday, talk to God, deal with your stresses best you can...

Dr B

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