Tingling in arms

by Zhana Saunders
(New York City)

Hello Doctor,

I have a tingling in my right arm. This is not a sensation of pain as much as it feels like I have an electric pulse running thru my arm. As if I am hooked up to a machine of some sort. It does not happen often as much as infrequent. Usually upon rising or when I have not done much work.

I am also wondering could this be exercise or slight stress related as I don't exercise as much as I used to. I am not overweight. I am not overly stressed but I am always doing things and needing to do things. I do moderate internet activity as well and have not been sleeping on a great bed lately either. It does not happen often as much as intermittently but I would like to get some probabilities of the condition.
Thank you

Hello Zhana,
Try two little sitting tests:
1) If you place your hand on your head for a few minutes, does it increase the tingling? Or relieve it?

2)At the side, stretch your arm backwards with the palm forwards, and now extend the wrist. Try it first with the normal arm so you know what's normal, and then with the naughty arm. Is there a difference? Now repeat with your head and neck laterally flexed to the opposite side.

These are nerve tension tests. No pain in your neck I take it.

Mouse arm is a common condition. Placing a small table at the same height as your desk for your elbow takes the stress off the arm.

Read up on Thoracic Outlet syndrome and Carpal tunnel syndrome by typing these terms into the search engine on most Chiropractic-Help.com pages.

If this condition continues you should seek professional advice. It will become painful eventually.

Don't sleep on the tum. One feather pillow is generally best.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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