Tingling in arms and legs hands and feet

by Pam Goodwin

Tingling in arms and legs hands and feet

I am a 48 yr old woman I have a buzzing going through my body from the back of my neck down, I have almost constant pins and needles in my hands and feet and have for around 5 weeks.

.my shoulders are painful I have a headache and odd shooting pains that happen anywhere, in my calfs or behind my ear.. I have twitches mainly in my right first finger but have them evwrywhere even my face and feet

i'm tired and feel weak..the feelings come and go over a day..have you any ideas please?

I'm afraid I don't, Pam. Further tests are necessary to make the diagnosis. I think it unlikely that it's a "Chiropractic condition".

I would ask to see a neurologist. Soon.

Please let us know when you have a diagnosis.

Sorry not to be able to shed any more light.

Kind regards,

Dr B

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