Tingling in arms and hands

by Bet
(Melbourne Fl)

Which fingers are affected?

Which fingers are affected?

I woke up one morning and heard a small crunch in my left shoulder area. Later I noticed a pain in my shoulder blade.

Saw a chiropractor. He said I probably slept on it wrong. Pain seemed to be, by then, in my upper shoulder. Now both arms are tingling, as well as hands. It's hard to get to sleep at night.

The tingling is sticking around all day. Pain killers don't seem to help. I'll see the chiropractor this week. He has recommended a couple of exercises. What else could help?

Hello Bet,
It's a very difficult area to diagnose as there are so many possibilities.

1. Take note of exactly which fingers are affected. Prick them and see if there's a difference between right and left.

2. When the tingling is particularly bad, raise that arm above your head. Does it help or make it worse?

3. Any swelling of the fingers? Loss of strength as in opening a bottle?

4. Does turning your head, and then looking up do anything uncomfortable, and where? Does it immediately go down the arm?

5. Turn your whole torso right and left, then to the side. Can you provoke the midback / shoulderblade pain?

6. Does a deep breath do anything?

7. Do you sleep on your tum?

I could go on, but that's a start. If you want a helpful answer from me, you have to take the time to answer each and every one of these question carefully and thoroughly.

Perhaps print this out for your chiropractor. Ask him also if reflexes have been affected, what the result of the upper limb tension test, and Adson's tests were.

I hope we can help. You are quite likely going to need some neck x-rays, including the oblique views.

Let me know.

Dr B


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