Tingling in arms and hands and especially a numbing in the left arm and hand.

Is this tingling in arms and hands a nerve condition? It starts with a feeling of something crawling around my elbow, then it shoots down my arm towards my hand. It feels like 'streaks' of tingling going down my arm, sometimes so intense it hurts.

My entire hand will tingle and then go numb. It actually happens with both my arms, but primarily the left arm.

No history of heart or neurological problems ever. I am left handed, but I use my right hand on the computer mouse.

It intensifies at night, and sometimes will wake me up. It usually lasts from a few minutes to as long as 30 minutes.

I have had no injuries or been injured in any way; this started about 2 weeks ago. Is there case to see a doctor to check this out? Thank you.

No, it's not a reason to see your doctor but it certainly is a reason to consult your local chiropractor!

The fact that the tingling in arms and hands is affecting your WHOLE HAND rules out a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which affects the Median nerve only, excluding the pinkie.
Yet it also has features of Carpal tunnel syndrome, and the Pronator teres muscle in the forearm also should be checked.

You almost certainly have what we call a First Rib syndrome (aka Thoracic Outlet syndrome) where the nerve bundles from your neck (and sometimes also the artery) are being squeezed as they pass through a narrow tunnel between the first rib, your collar bone and two muscles in the neck. The definitive test is called Adsons Test.

It's what we call a "double crush" syndrome where the nerves are often affected in the Thoracic Outlet and often also down in the forearm and wrist. Your chiropractor will probably have to address both areas.

When there's a strongly irritated nerve, I recommend you don't delay. Your arm and hand will start to go numb and possibly weak.

Thought: does placing your hand on your head increase or decrease the symptoms? Tell your chiropractor.

Let us know in a couple weeks how you get on. (he may want X-rays of your neck)

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